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    "Coffee Cup"

    What a beautiful sight it is to see your parents drinking coffee in the morning. This cup fills you with love, warmth, and reassurance. And how lovely it is to have a cup of coffee on the balcony while watching life awaken around you. Our hero loves his father very much; he is proud of him and wants to be like him when he grows up. His father talks to him, plays with him, answers his questions, and reads him a bedtime story every night. When his father falls ill, our hero's life is shaken. The child becomes afraid and anxious. His father is no longer the same. He is bedridden. Our hero tries in various ways to bring his father back to his former self. Despair fills the child's heart. He refuses to go to school or play with his friends. He wants to stay with his father. The fear of our hero reaches the point of panic until a cup of coffee turns his life upside down.
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